17 Reasons……Quality, Dedication, Passion

You’ll find 17 Reasons situated half way along Well Street, Moffat’s independent speciality shopping street.
We are a small arts and crafts gift shop, opened since March 2014, owned by three friends with backgrounds in craft and retail as well as a passion for our town and community.
Dedicated to showcasing and promoting the work of talented designers and makers from the local area as well as the rest of the UK our aim has always been to offer an alternative to the the mainstream mass production available elsewhere.
We offer a unique collection of carefully selected arts and crafts, handcrafted goods of quality, skill and originality, beautifully made with love, soul and attention to detail.
With a range of products and price points there is something for everyone. We know our makers and their wares well and are always on hand to offer you help and advice should you need it, or perhaps just a little bit of friendly conversation should you have the time.
We look forward to welcoming you to Moffat, Well Street and 17 Reasons.

Linnhe, Lydia and Alexis.