A.M. Grieve is a long established newsagents on moffat high street owned by iain anderson and his helpful team.

We sell a good range of daily/sunday/local newspapers and pretty wide variety of magazines. We provide a newsaper delivery service and can deliver to most of moffat and parts of beattock….Ask if this is possible.

We stock an extensive range of cards from abacus, second nature, words and wishes, cherry orchard and jonny javelin with some local cards.

A wide variety of helium balloons to cover almost any occasion are available. Gift bags and gift wrap too. We stock most stationery items, batteries, bird food, local/walking books and ordnance survey maps. Confectionery, crisps, soft drinks and milk are on sale.

Also stocked are a variety of childrens toys including balls, art/craft items, bubbles, stickers, trading cards, collectables and fishing nets.

We are open every day from 5am to 6pm (5pm on a sunday) slightly earlier closing over the winter.