Bagface Oriental Rugs: ‘Life in Rich Colour’

One of the largest collections of old and antique oriental rugs and carpets in Scotland – all at very competitive prices.

Housed across two floors of a 1930s art-deco sandstone former bakery in Star Street is a collection of hundreds of unique hand-made oriental rugs. Most are old or antique and have been individually sourced from the rug-weaving world – Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, the Caucasus, China, Morocco and elsewhere. The number and range to choose from would compete with (and mostly outdo!) any merchant in Edinburgh or Glasgow.

As a photojournalist living and working in South Asia I fell in love with hand-made tribal rugs. Nomadic herders would use the hand-spun wool from their own sheep flock, and natural dyes sourced from plants and minerals to weave these beautiful and idiosyncratic pieces of art. The artistry and skill of the weavers was plain to see, as was the respect for, and collective memory of, tribal and heraldic motifs and imagery. The combination of individual flair and tradition was bewitching.

Having moved to Kenya, I started to sell the rugs I had collected over almost two decades, and began to source more from contacts I had made. Moving to Moffat, I bought the old Bakehouse to store and display the rugs. It is not strictly a shop, but viewing appointments are easy to make and totally informal. There is absolutely no pressure to buy – I love talking rugs and am always happy to show them.

All the rugs are viewable online and can be filter searched according to price, size, age, colour, region etc.

The Bakehouse at 1 Star Street is just around the corner from ‘Reloved’ which is at the end of Well Street.