Best known for its magnificent waterfall – the fifth highest in the UK – and uniquely dramatic scenery, Grey Mare’s Tail is a superb example of a hanging valley.

The area boasts a rich history as well, and is important for its rare upland plants and wildlife.

Situated just 10 miles east of Moffat on the A708, Grey Mare’s Tail sits in a dramatic moorland setting below White Coomb (821m/2,694ft, the highest hill in Dumfriesshire). Take a ten minute walk from the car park for spectacular views of the fall, which cascades from Loch Skeen into the Moffat Water Valley from a rocky precipice 60m (200ft) above. Or climb the steep slopes of White Coomb for an even more stunning viewpoint.

You can also see the Tail Burn ‘fort’, an Iron Age earthwork. Although it has long been known as the ‘Giant’s Grave’ it is not a burial mound, and may be defensive or perhaps even a ritual site.

The site is managed by the National Trust for Scotland (NTS). The remote wild mountainous landscape above the waterfall, coupled with its outstanding botanical richness make the reserve one of Scotland’s upland jewels.

Admission is free, but visitors are encouraged to support the work of NTS by joining or making a donation.

The NTS run a series of events at the site through the year – find out more from the NTS website or contact Richard Clarkson, National Trust for Scotland Ranger on 07713 786 230.